Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zomtroller 1000

This is an advertisement project I had to do for my junior comp class. We were shooting for a cheesy 50's look and it took me all night to finish it.

This version only has the video and background music, but I will be recording my voice for a new version soon enough. The background music is "Crepe Suzzette" from the Ren and Stimpy production music.

Here is the script. The transitions are pretty clear. Hope you enjoy!

Announcer: Here is Mr. Johnson, relaxing on his day off from the factory.
Announcer: What a beautiful home he has…
… and some friendly neighbors…
… this is certainly living the American dream. But wait, there seems to be some trouble lurking in the backyard. You may want to look out of your kitchen window, Mr. Johnson.
Announcer: Yes Mr. Johnson, you have every right to be concerned. Do you know what that thing is in your backyard?
Announcer: (Chuckles) Oh no Mr. Johnson, that’s not a Communist. That’s a zombie, a flesh-eating monster with no mind of its own. You better take care of it quickly Mr. Johnson, or else that zombie could hurt you, your family, or this fine nation.
Announcer: Oh ho ho, there’s no need for that Mr. Johnson! Not with the brand-new Zomtroller 1000!  Yes, with the new Zomtroller 1000, you can turn those pesky zombies from a pain in your behind, into a new helpful, mind-less servant!
Announcer: It’s easy! Simply secure the collar on your undead guest, and let the Zomtroller do the rest!
Announcer: The brand-new Zomtroller 1000 provides a non-violent and non-messy (chuckles while saying non-messy) solution to your zombie infestation. And, it has the National Anti-Zombie Commission’s seal of approval on every one! It’s the #1 recommended zombie-controlling device around.
Announcer: With a simple voice command, your zombie will take out the garbage! Get the paper! Clean the dishes! Answer the door! Walk the dog! And it can even help out the missus with the laundry!
Announcer: Yes it can do all these and more. For the low, low price of 20 American dollars, it’s a no-brainer!
Announcer:  Your lives will certainly change for the better. When it comes to keeping your family safe, nothing is greater than the Zomtroller 1000.
Announcer: And that, is the American dream.

Flip out